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The Studio Collection by Florrie + Bill

16th February 2017

Florrie+Bill SS17 - The STUDIO Collection 1 copy

Ain’t nothing like a graphic cushion to punk up a traditional interior or bring a softness to a modern one. These are the new in house collection by Amy Cawson, otherwise known as Florrie + Bill and they’re all rather gorgeous. You can buy the material or ask for it to be upholstered onto any item as well as just picking your favourite cushions.

The Mad House has many, many cushions. Having said that there are none on the bed. Ever. Well only for photograph and styling purposes. Otherwise it’s a cushion free zone, it takes long enough to go to bed as it is by the time you’ve used 12 different moisturisers and read the internet. Ain’t nobody got time to be heaving 14 cushions onto the floor as well.

Florrie+Bill SS17 - Terrain Sofa + Chips Chair + Impressions Chair Lifestyle copy

It’s a different story in the sitting room I will say. And, while I don’t completely subscribe/get round to the seasonal changes advocated by Scandinavians, I do like to have enough to swap them in and out when I get bored. Quite often as you can imagine.

This STUDIO Collection was inspired by Amy’s studio in Long Eaton. A former lace mill, it has worn floors, chipped paint, crittal windows and lots of original furniture. There are ten designs in all and six of them are on cushions which come in two sizes  – standard and floor.

Florrie+Bill SS17 - Terrain Sofa + Black Chips Chair lifestyle copy

So Chips, seen below on the chair, was inspired by Amy’s battered concrete floor and irregular terrazzo shapes were added to the fabric – terrazzo is about the be the next big thing by the way. The squares of the Grid pattern came from the windows and Impression, on the sofa above was from the pockmarked work table in the studio. Look closely at the floor above and at the white and black Fragment cushion on the chair and you can see the inspiration there too.


Florrie+Bill SS17 - Peach Chips Cocktail Chair lifestyle copy

I love a mix of all the black and white ones but the blush pink brings in a warmer tone too. I note, as I write this, that if you subscribe to the newsletter you have can have 10 per cent off. Happy shopping. It’s half term, you’ll be ready for a little retail therapy about now I reckon.

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  • Sarah 19th February 2017 at 5:07 pm

    I bloody love these, that sofa that looks a little like the Rorschach test is gorgeous. I am still laughing about your 14 moisturisers and reading the internet comment – ain’t that the truth! I do have cushions on a stool at the end of the bed, so it gives the impression of a bed with cushions without the needless night time / morning faffing.

  • Shruti 16th February 2017 at 1:40 pm

    I do like the patterns on their own or with some plain backgrounds to enhance their looks. Perhaps I am staid that way. Though definitely not the way they have been styled in the pics. Love the blush pink chair though!

  • Mandy 16th February 2017 at 10:30 am

    Very entertaining, my kids are not off til next week so another retail opportunity will be required then 🙂 which is good because I don’t really like these designs – I think I find them jarring x

  • Laura Hepburn 16th February 2017 at 9:33 am

    Wonderful feature – thanks, Kate! (and the cushions look fab on your IG post, too)

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