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25th July 2022
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Next week will see the start of my annual August postcards series which gives you the chance to revisit some of the most popular posts of the last year or, perhaps, see them for the first time. I’m aware of how busy your inboxes are and that it’s an enormous privilege to granted access three or four times a week. I also know that not everyone has time to drop by The Mad House more than once a week so this gives you a chance to catch up on things or have a second look to something that might suddenly be more relevant now that it was when it first came around. I hope also that you will have a little more time to yourselves to do some browsing even if you are officially on holiday. For those with small children I can hear the sounds of hollow laughter (been there) but also taking five minutes to refresh your interior soul while one is on a swing and the other occupied with a biscuit is important.

And with that in mind I shall leave you for the rest of this week as, by the time you read this, I shall be on my way to the airport to fly to Switzerland for a trip to see the newly refurbished USM factory and family home. Assuming I make it out of the airport (or even to it) I shall take you along with me on Instagram. I will be back on Tuesday evening (fingers crossed) so there will be no post on Wednesday.

So I leave you with these images of the newly refurbished kitchen showroom of Devol at St John’s Square in London where the honey-coloured walls work perfectly with the wooden kitchen units. This unfitted kitchen style is becoming the new must-have look in the same way the unbathroomy bathroom is a strong trend at the moment. As always, you don’t have to adopt it if you don’t like it but you might like the colour scheme. I particularly like the industrial green lamp which acts as the perfect disrupter shade.

Have a lovely summer everyone and I wish you all smooth journeys to airports and ports or perhaps just a chillled glass of rose and a dip in the padding pool in your own gardens. Check back on Monday for the start of the August postcards.

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  • Reply Tracy 25th July 2022 at 2:13 pm

    Have a lovely break Kate. What do you think the bronze rail and hooks are used for in the 2nd photo?

  • Reply Denise 25th July 2022 at 9:45 am

    I miss the podcast too. When is it coming back (is it coming back??)?

  • Reply Catherine 25th July 2022 at 9:26 am

    Wishing you a very relaxing summer holiday Kate! Thanks for all the fantastic advice and inspiration!

    Are there any plans to restart the podcast in the autumn? I know you and Sophie are super busy, but I do miss it!

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