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14th June 2014
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Design Letters & Friends Table to Go

Design Letters & Friends Table to Go

It’s no secret that I love a clever bit of multi-tasking and this powder-coated steel coffee table is just that. Designed by Christian Flindt for Design Letters & Friends, the pale grey table comes with a strong blue or dark grey folding handle.

Design Letters & Friends Table To Go - black bg - hr

the table has a folding handle to make it easy to carry

It works as a side table, coffee table or bedside table, the top is large enough to accommodate a lap top and a cup of coffee which makes it perfect for the sofa office. A place of which I am inordinately fond.

Design Letters & Friends Table to Go s   2xhr

the table to go is perfect for the sofa office

Design Letters & Friends is a small Danish company founded by Mette Thompson out of a passion for all things graphic and typograpy related. The first designs was a set of wooden letters followed shortly afterwards by the discovery of a long lost font by Arne Jacobsen, which has been added to a range of homewares which you can see in the images.

Design Letters & Friends Table to Go with Arne Jacobsen Vintage ABC tableware hr

mugs featuring Arne Jacobsen’s long lost font

The table costs £195 and is available from The Home Online and Urban Suite.

I also liked the press release which announced the release of this table and as press releases so rarely raise a smile. I thought I would share it with you. Well, it is the weekend:

“In a couple weeks it will be midsummer’s day – a big deal in the Nordic calendar (mainly because weather-wise it’s often downhill from here). So, we have to be patient while they all go on about it for a bit… The Danes and Norwegians celebrate with bonfires and witch burning (not really) and the Swedes jump around pretending to be frogs (really).”

I leave you with that thought …

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  • Angela Kingsley 14th June 2014 at 10:19 am

    The Scandinavians are so great at mixing functionality with great design. Thanks for sharing Kate.

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