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365 Objects Of Design

Monochrome Chairs by Florrie + Bill

2nd August 2015
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I’ve never been a great one for pattern but I am reliably informed (by people who know about such things) that pattern does very well when it comes to furniture. I find this both reassuring and baffling. I would have thought that everyone wanted to buy a plain chair and create a riot with the…


Design Classics

Design Classics #10: The Eames Hang It All

26th February 2012
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  Its brightly coloured lollipop balls grace many a hallway although they are often obscured by the coats they were created to hold. The Hang-It-All is a classic set of hooks by those masters of modernist design Mr and Mrs Eames. In the mid 1940s Charles and Ray began designing products for children, including their…


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