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365 Objects Of Design

City Coat Rack

21st December 2014
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Now these are fun. Coat racks in the shape of city skylines. There are around 40 to choose from, although before you get too excited, they’re designed by Michael Rosing for German company Radius Design, so we’re talking about 32 German cities and some others. But the others are a good selection of the big…


365 Objects Of Design, Stylish Storage

Objects Of Design #120: Moose On The Loose

28th June 2012
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Moving on from the ubiquitous stag’s head, this moose is not just decorative but practical too as it’s actually a coat rack. But as it stands out from the wall a little you can also slot an umbrella along the back too. Made from birch, he’ll raise a smile as visitors come and go. www.twentytwentyone.com…


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