The Househunter: Room by Room – Concrete and Antiques

On the face of it not a property I would normally consider, but actually I love this. It must be lockdown mania - in the same way I suddenly want to paint my kitchen ochre yellow, it now seems I want to live in a concrete bunker. Well, a very posh concrete outhouse, as it

Monochrome Magic in Holland

On the recent blogtour trip to New York, I met Dutch blogger Desiree, of Vosges Paris and she has kindly allowed us to have a nose around her fabulous home in Amsterdam, which like Desiree herself, is dressed almost entirely in black and white. As fellow lover of monochrome, I am delighted to welcome her

Objects Of Design #343: Stacking Concrete Pots

sleek concrete desktop storage I just love these concrete stacking pots from new company Between Dog and Wolf, which was set up last year. It's from the French: entre chien et loup, a phrase often used to describe the passage of time from dusk to night. It's the space in which day and night co-exist