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The Househunter: Room by Room

31st January 2020
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There are now so many architect designed apartments at the newly redeveloped BBC Television Centre that it’s a wonder there are any left undone for the rest of us to have a go at. Designers include Suzy Hoodless, Bella Freud, Laura Fulmine and now The Waldo Works. This, like the others, is on the market…


365 Objects Of Design

Find Your New Season Style (my piece in Grazia)

27th August 2019
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Kate Watson-Smyth compiles a guide to the new season's trends for Grazia magazine 'find your new season style' #grazia #newseason #trends #interiortrends #madaboutthehouse

Things are beginning to take on that back to school feel and in honour of that I wrote a piece in last week’s Grazia magazine looking at the key trends that will be coming into the stores in the next few weeks. I have reproduced the pages here with a few of my favourite pieces…


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