Mad Men

Design Classics #26: Bakelite Telephone

  "Hello, Grindlethorpe 239 . . ." In 1951, the question "Are you on the phone?" meant did you own a telephone, not were you busy nattering, texting or tweeting on it. In those days a mere 1.5 million households could answer in the affirmative. By the end of the decade, half of the UK

Objects Of Design #82: Sunlounger

    You can deck your garden with all the fancy furniture you want but when it comes to comfort and some sheer decadent lounging you can't beat the old sunbed. Probably can't beat this model on price either come to that. This purple one feels terribly 60s and Mad Men and is crying out

Mad About . . . Mad Men

It's the next instalment of Mad Men tonight and those interiors are still looking as fabulous as ever. While the fashion magazines tell us where to get the clothes, here, for those of you who are looking at the houses, are some ideas on how you can replicate the look at home. Roger Sterling in