Round Mirror with Chain

Mirrors have tended to be purely functional items in my house but there are so many gorgeous ones around that I think it's time to get decorative. My all time favourite is the Jacques Adnet Circulaire for Gubi but that is a design classic and commands a fairly classic price too - £474 for anyone

Objects Of Design #334: Conran Irvin Storage Mirror

Conran Irvin Storage Mirror for M&S: why did no-one think of this before? This is one of those objects that seems so obvious it's a wonder that no-one has thought of it before. Or, if they have as I'm sure you will point out to me below, why don't we all have one? I know

Objects Of Design #35: Hex Mirror

Every good hall needs a mirror. For those of us with long, narrow Victorian spaces it will bounce the light around. For those of you living in mansions, you need to fill that wall space somehow. And for everyone else, well, we all need to do that last minute check for spinach between the teeth