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365 Objects Of Design

Vintage Industrial Shelving

24th April 2014
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vintage industrial shelving from design vintage

    I don’t know about you but I have several dream kitchens. The one I currently own is definitely one of them. A few tweaks here and there – enough space for a slouchy sofa for example – and after that it’s perfect. But I have another dream too. One where nothing is fitted…


365 Objects Of Design, Stylish Storage

Objects Of Design #93: Nimbus Shelf

1st June 2012
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  Another month, another series in the epic 365 Objects of Design. This month we’ll be looking at storage. Books and media, coat racks and magazine racks,  shelves and trolleys. We can’t promise to include everything but by the end of the month, you should have a solution to storing almost anything you ever wanted…


365 Objects Of Design, Gorgeous Gardens

Objects Of Design #77: Flux Chair

16th May 2012
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  If space is at a premium, either indoors or out, then these delightful chairs might just be the answer. Designed by Douwe Jacobs, they transform from a flat envelope with a handle into a chair. Yes, that’s right, chair. And it’s a pretty comfy one too. And before you ask it can take up…


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