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All You Need To Know About Window Dressings

10th March 2020
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relaxed roman blinds

That’s curtains and blinds and privacy etc. This is an edited extract from the book as well as being one of the most common questions I am asked so while I would recommend you buy the book (well I would wouldn’t I) I hope this will also address some of the questions you might have…


365 Objects Of Design

What do I need to know about curtains?

10th October 2019
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A look at how to hang the right kind of curtains with Kate Watson-Smyth. Choosing curtains the same colour as the wall will create a sleek and cohesive

It occurred to me the other day that I have very rarely, almost never, talked about window dressings. Or, for the sake of this post, curtains. That’s partly, actually mostly, because I don’t have any, so it’s not something I think about and partly because when I started this blog – way back in 2012,…


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