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The Amara Collection

20th October 2016


Sooner or later when you open a shop (either online or on the street) you start to wonder about designing your own collection. After all, you have all that  fresh market research to analyse and you can see at a glance what works and what doesn’t. So went the reason of Sam Hood the founder of online luxury store Amara, as this month her company launched its own range with four collections.


Earlier this summer I went to see the range in real life, sit on it, touch it, stand on it and generally cop a feel as they say elegantly. Now when you are selling brands such as Missoni, Ralph Lauren, Flos and Vitra, you have to be pretty sure that your own stuff will stand up alongside. And it does.


There are four collections; graphic, heritage, luxe and fantasy and with everything from a £14 cup and saucer  to an £800 laundry basket (it’s leather, with a lid, and a waterproof interior, you’ve never seen a laundry basket like this) there is a price point that works for everyone.



Sam, who has wanted to launch her own collection since opening Amara 11 years ago, realised the value of patience and watched and waited until the time was right. She then collaborated and co-designed with other companies to create her own label.

“We have combined our expert knowledge with talented and experienced manufacturers to both select and create the best pieces and I’m so pleased to be able to bring together this collection,” she said.


The collection is huge – more than 500 products  and will evolve and update every season so there will always be something new to look. And want.


I rather love this tall gold table light for starters. It’s a nod to the pineapple trend (which is clearly never going to end so you might as well give in – resistance is futile and all that) without being too overtly pineappley.

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  • Corinne 20th October 2016 at 10:56 am

    Lovely stuff! And really glad the pineappley trend keeps going. I bought mine in the mid Eighties so there’s life in it yet

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