The Househunter 16/10/15

Straight off to Sweden this week as we had such a good time last week. This gorgeous house is on the market via entrance makleri and the images, which include fabulous shots of a children’s birthday party on the roof terrace, were taken by Anders Bergstedt.
image by Anders Bergstedt

It’s not the best translation I’ve ever seen but I think it has two bedrooms and is on the market for around £267,000 but don’t blame me if you actually want to buy it and the decimal point turns out to have been in the wrong place…

Anyway, enough of that. Feast your eyes people, feast your eyes. I thought I’d gone off exposed brick walls but this one looks amazing doesn’t it? As does the raw ply cupboard front (or back depending on your point of view) that faces into the sitting room. That’s a great way of dealing with an open plan space.

The dining area is lovely and light and I like the way they have just hung a wall light up and not worried about chasing out the plaster and all that extra work. These days you can buy so many gorgeous coloured flexes that they are as much a part of the lamp as the shade so leave them on display.

The sitting room is cosy despite its monochrome colour scheme. When I own it I shall paint the wall behind the television in dark grey. This will make the telly disappear and also tie in with the dark grey sofa. It will also make those blush pink cushions pop out and link to the slightly pinkish tinge of the brickwork.

Lastly, the bedroom. Only the Swedes (or perhaps all the Scandinavians) could make a rumpled bed look so chic.

While we’re here, we might as well poke around this one, in Gothenburg.


It’s also on with entrance makleri for £423,000 and has lots of original features, as well as, according to the translation, “genuine floor feeling”. No, I’m not sure either but if this is that genuine floor feeling looks like then I’m definitely feeling it.


It’s the same basic black and white (grey and white) palette as the property above but this time, instead of tiny hints of pink, it’s gold that has been used as the accent colour.


The spaces are so generous and it just seems so effortlessly chic. It was completely renovated in 2009 and seems to be holding up well.


I love the kitchen with that giant chalkboard propped up against one wall. Easy to copy. However, having looked at the rest of the pictures, which you can do if you click the link above, I can tell you that that dining area is very tiny. That’s a table for four and it’s not the most spacious place you will ever have sat. There might have been an option for moving the blackboard into the small part of the room and putting a table in front of the units, perhaps with a bench to take up less space.


A very similar bedroom to the last one although this time in dark greys rather than pale. And look at that classic wood burning stove. Or this single day bed in the room that doubles up as the study.


Somehow even the hall looks amazing, although who wouldn’t love an entrance space this large?


Finally you come out of the apartment (still holding on to that floor feeling) and get to walk out down these stairs.


And that is where I shall leave you for this week. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday.

Kate Watson-Smyth

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  1. Love how both kitchens have the same ikea wall shelves. Currently looking at these for our kitchen – I think they’re a great simple option

  2. these is indeed a delicious stairwell – if i saw more communal stairwells like this I would indeed consider living in an apartment again. my experience of living in flats in the past however has not been quite the same……

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