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11th November 2016
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Now what about this for a room. You know what’s great about this – the black painted floor is scuffed but it looks great. Because the walls are well painted so it looks as if it was a deliberate choice. There are lots of rugs about at the moment which are pre-faded with uneven colour. I featured one in last week’s 10 Best Rugs and this floor is a continuation of that. You could layer things up with a faded rug over the top and it would look amazing.

I was visiting a client this week (Dear Kate, I need to restyle my flat and get rid of all the ugly stuff my ex left behind, how soon can you come? Dear M, I’m on my way, just give me time to find a phonebox and change into my outfit….) and she had a gorgeous faded runner in the hall, which thankfully didn’t belong to the ex so it’s staying.


It won’t be for all of you I know but for those who have painted floors and are slightly despairing if they aren’t perfect, then STYLE IT OUT PEOPLE STYLE IT OUT. Also, think about a bright sofa in a dark room. There’s really no need to be sensible and grey all the time. And cushions are predictable. What about an orange sofa with sensible cushions? Now that would be a role reversal.


This is a great two bedroom house that is on the market for £650,000 via Brickworks. It’s about ten minutes from Seven Sisters tube and they have helpfully listed some of the best cafes, restaurants and parks nearby. Good idea agents, we like this.


Upstairs the boards are white and there’s a black and white bathroom with a freestanding tub. The price reflects the fact that it needs work but then you suspected that didn’t you. I imagine this bedroom is probably white, but white can be so drab. Imagine it in a soft powder pink…. this is the start of my campaign to paint our bedroom pink. The husband is thinking pale grey. I am thinking NO.

Imagine, if you will, the silver foil Hollywood Grape wallpaper by Neisha Crosland – and it’s much shinier than that image suggests – with soft pink walls. I am thinking YES. We are not aware of what he thinks yet as he is not aware of this thinking. Mind you he may read this post (unlikely). In which case he may leave a comment with his thoughts (equally unlikely).


Next up, we’re off to East London to nose around this newly-built four bedroom house which is on the market with The Modern House  and, since it doesn’t need refurbishing and has twice as many bedrooms as the other one as well as being detached, is for sale for more than double – £1,950,000.


Still, remember we’re all about the inspiration here. We don’t call it Fantasy Friday for nothing. No, you’re right, that’s a good point, we don’t call it that at all. Perhaps we should. On the other hand I’m concerned we might start to attract the wrong sort of audience…

Anyway, back to this. There are two bedrooms with a bathroom between them on the top floor – perfect for hiding the children up there. Below that is a bedroom with a large study area attached – also perfect teenage fodder. Or, I’m thinking, walk-in wardrobe scenario? The other bedroom on that floor already has a dressing room and en suite bathroom.


You can see why it’s expensive can’t you. There is a reception room in the basement and the ground floor is this large open plan space on different levels that you see above and below.

I love the blue kitchen cabinets – an unusual choice and one that works really well I think. I have ignored this colour for years and then suddenly last week I felt compelled to buy next year’s diary in this very shade. Blue is coming people, it’s coming for you.


It’s particularly good as a foil to all the industrial touches of exposed beams, rafters and brick along with the polished concrete floor. I must say I have never particularly wanted to live in a new-build house but if I had two million quid this would be the one I would spend it on.


This is the sitting room above the kitchen which is quite den-like despite being open plan and below is one of the bathrooms with its sliding wall.


Finally another look at this great kitchen. What do we think? Boho chic (I won’t call it shabby I won’t I won’t and anyway that is something else entirely) or sleek modernism. I slightly surprise myself with my choice this week.

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  • Sarah 11th November 2016 at 7:09 pm

    The first one, especially if the cat stays and the painted black washing machine goes!

  • Maryellen 11th November 2016 at 1:53 pm

    Love the choices this week and your cheeky humor brightened an otherwise dismal week for me here in the US.

  • Our French Oasis 11th November 2016 at 10:19 am

    Love the East London house, for a new build it has a lot of interesting features. Living in a very old French farmhouse I often surprise myself, I could happily live in a modern house!

  • Taste of France 11th November 2016 at 9:45 am

    The first one feels so homey.

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