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Three Great Leather Armchairs

1st February 2018

So we’re officially at that point in the year when time goes into warp speed. One minute January was taking about 642 days to pass and suddenly it’s February and before you’ve had time to comment on how light it’s getting, it will be March and Spring and the first quarter done. And for no reason other than that today we are going to look at leather armchairs.

chestnut leather armchair stanley from made.com

chestnut leather armchair with brass legs £599 from made.com

I came across this first one the other day when I was wandering round the internet looking for something else. Which is often how it happens. That’s what happens when you go into Marks & Spencer for a sandwich too. You come out with four other things you weren’t looking for, had no idea you wanted and you never spend less than £25. In fact if you can’t afford to spend £25 you shouldn’t even go into M&S is my theory.

And that is how I came to be browsing leather armchairs. Because I found that was quite nice and a good price from made.com and then I started wondering what you would pay elsewhere and then I found two more at similar prices which also looked rather good.

leather chair from westelm

leather chair from westelm £499

And by then I was definitely hunting for a leather armchair. Because the thing about a leather armchair is that while it is cliche I rarely visit someone who either hasn’t got one or doesn’t want one. Brilliant if you have cats because they are a bit tougher against the inevitable claws. Perfect if you dogs because you can wipe the mud off. Same goes for toddlers. And, having one watched the Mad Husband spill an enormous glass of red wine over the distressed leather sofa in a house we were renting I can say that the only thing that was distressed that night was me before realising that it would wipe off easily and leave not a mark.

Because the other thing about leather is that it improves with age. So you can buy an expensive one, which will last for ever and only look better or you can buy a cheap one and sit it out (literally) for about five years by which time it will be starting to look good as well.

black leather armchair wooden arms from perch and parrow

black leather armchair with wooden arms £685 from perch and parrow

So leather armchairs – a matching pair with wooden arms can lift all the upholstery in a sitting room – it can sometimes get a bit padded in there if you don’t see legs and arms on furniture. A pair in a reading corner will also look cosy and Soho House-ish. Perhaps one, without arms in a corner where there might not be room for a large armchair. Or in a smaller sitting room where they wont’ crowd the space. Corner of a bedroom? As it’s going to be draped with clothes choose one with nice legs.

The list goes on. A great leather armchair. Can you afford not to have one? I haven’t got one. I know where it will go when I get it though…



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    […] Kate Watson-Smyth posted last week about leather chairs. Before that post I didn’t know I wanted one. I do want a new armchair. For the living room. Or the family room. Or the bedroom. Hell I just want one, ok? […]

  • Annie 1st February 2018 at 2:59 pm

    I have to say I was extremely fortunate to win a leather chair (the Cross Leg Lounge Chair from the Conran Shop to be precise, which is eyewateringly expensive) and I LOVE it. I would never buy one at that price, but I have to say it is the comfiest chair ever, and it also holds up very well to my toddler who has also declared it her favourite chair (which gives me no end of wobbles when food goes near it). You are right though, I had never appreciated how forgiving leather can be, I’m a convert.

  • hng23 1st February 2018 at 2:38 pm

    The second one, in black.

  • Varsha | Gatedcommunity 1st February 2018 at 7:28 am

    Absolutely, I would always carry loads when I get out of Marks & Spencer. It always happens to me as well, Kate. Which actually makes us two, HA HA!! By the way, the chestnut leather armchair is my favourite. Planning to get one to put in the room of books I have:) Thanks !!

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