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Trend: Pineapples

22nd April 2014
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I have always loved pineapples. The symbol of hospitality and welcome, the pineapple is often seen at the entrance to grand old houses and is a recurring theme throughout history. It’s back again for 2014. Last year it was flamingoes and owls everywhere you look, this time it’s the turn of this deliciously spiky fruit and I keep seeing them everywhere.


L to R: vintage brassEtsy pina colado cushion and vase rockett st george kiss her by bianca hall

They’re on everything from cushions and candleholders, to vases and napkin rings. My favourite is the brass vintage ice bucket version like the one above but they’re hard to get hold of.

pineapple lights

pineapple lights graham and greenrose and grey napkin ring rockett st george abigail ahern

Christopher Columbus first discovered this exotic fruit in 1493 and nearly 200 hundred years later, before anyone in Britain had tasted one, it was described by John Parkinson, the royal botanist to Charles I, as: “Scaly like an Artichoke at the first view, but more like to a cone of the Pine tree, which we call a pineapple for the forme… being so sweete in smell… tasting… as if Wine, Rosewater and Sugar were mixed together. (Theatrum Botanicum) (source).

the pineapple summerhouse at Dunmore in Scotland

the pineapple summerhouse at Dunmore in Scotland

Once it did reach these shores, everyone wanted to grow them and they became a symbol not only of wealth but of the gardener’s skill. Perhaps the best example of its use in architecture is at the summer house at the kitchen garden in Dunmore, Scotland, the seat of John Murray, Earl of Dunmore. The roof of the summerhouse, built into the sheltered south-facing wall, is carved into the shape of a giant stone pineapple.

So anyone for pineapples? Or are we just cutting straight to the pina coladas?



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  • Diane 25th April 2014 at 10:37 am

    Hi Kate

    I’d noticed exactly the same thing myself and took pix at Columbia Rd last week of mini pineapple plants thinking it’d make a great post – you beat me to it! 😉


  • Rebecca Engels 22nd April 2014 at 9:48 am

    Love the pineapple summerhouse – obviously the forerunner of the ‘statement’ conservatory..

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