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Useful Stuff Part III: Storage Jars

8th March 2018

Yes I grant you this one might be pushing more at the beautiful than the useful end of the spectrum, but if a household object needed to spark joy then surely it has to be the biscuit tin? I mean these are so much fun you may not even need to eat the biscuit. Just looking at the container may give you such a rush of endorphins that you can step away from the sugar altogether. So – bad for the wallet, good for the waistline. Or the stretching of one may lead to the shrinking of the other.

jonathan adler biscuit jars

jonathan adler biscuit jars

Hell, I know they’re hard to justify when there’s a perfectly good Tupperware from Lakeland in the cupboard, but if I had these they would make me happy every day. And they would look good on my open shelves too. So, they’re going in for the third and final part (for now) of useful stuff.

Now at £128 for the gluten and gluten-free jars (£98 for the calories) it’s something that either you’re prepared to save for or you aren’t. Just how many pairs of shoes can you go without in order to justify them? So what about this? Still lovely, still fun, still useful and £45.

silver treats tin from soho home

silver treats tin from soho home

Better? This is one to keep on the desk when you’re working. Rather than the Jonathan Adler range which might need to stay out of colleagues’ reach. The collection, by the way, also includes Quaaludes, White Lies and Fibs- they would make great presents you’ve got to admit.

Still we’ve got room for one more and this is from the lovely Vinegar and Brown Paper who etch onto glass. I bought one of the apothecary jars for the 17yo when he was doing his GCSEs and he did well so they clearly work. Here is one of their storage jars but there’s a whole range of gorgeous pieces.

storage jars from vinegar and brown paper

storage jars from vinegar and brown paper

So there you have it – moveable table legs, storage for everything and a place for your treats. Take that Marie Kondo. We may not have decluttered but we have tidied up and sparked joy.

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  • DD 8th March 2018 at 11:27 am

    haha ha-sh and munchies, Jonny A, whatcha like?!!


  • Emma Lewis 8th March 2018 at 9:19 am

    Love a storage jar … almost as much as little ‘stashy’ boxes! All gorgeous. Thanks Kate.

  • Mandy 8th March 2018 at 8:06 am

    I like the vinegar and brown paper jars – very creative. But I confess I’m curious to know what you put in the teens jar? Clutching at straws here 😬

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