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British Summer Time has officially started and, while we are still slightly waiting for the weather to catch up, there’s no harm in planning those warming evenings sitting in the garden with a glass of something chilled. So here is some garden furniture  to whet your appetite.

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By Philippe Starck for Kartell


This is the sofa I want on my deck (which has yet to be built so it is all nothing more than a fantasy at the moment, I grant you). I would like it in white but you can see it better in this lime green, which is also stunning. It’s made entirely from plastic and therefore weather resistant. There’s an armchair and matching table too.



And to go with the above sofa on my mythical deck, I would like these Ikea chairs. Worth noting that the price of these counteracts the price of the sofa too. They come in black, white, this fabulous pink and yellow. There’s a small hole in the seat to allow the rainwater to drain and they are also stackable.



by Makers

Admittedly the sun isn’t shining at the time of writing this but I can just imagine lying on this bench reading a book in this shady corner.



This rather dining chair also comes with a matching table and also in white.



This may be the closest I will ever get to a four-leaf clover in my garden although at this price, I might not even get one of these. But they are gorgeous and designed by Ron Arad for Italian company Driade so may well be the design classics of the future and will certainly hold their value.



The perfect hammock for smaller gardens. Only needs one tree, (or washing line post) and let’s face it; if you’re sitting up you’re in a much better position to reach that glass than if you’re lying down and scrambling to get up without spilling anything.



These are my favourite deckchairs ever. They are made by Thornback and Peel but the full collection isn’t out until May. In the meantime, here’s this one. Also from is this:



This is clearly so comfortable that once you sink into its depths, you will never want to get up again. Having said that it’s quite low so you may not actually be able to get up again. But then again, if you teach the children to mix the perfect Pimms and, for a small fee, keep topping the glass up, you may not need to get up again.

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