Wood and Leather Dining Chair

wood and leather dining chair from rockett st george
wood and leather dining chair from rockett st george 

Now I don’t know about you but I am constantly amazed at the number of hideous dining chairs there are out there. You know the ones I mean – fabric covered (really? why would you cover something that is in close proximity to food in material that is fixed to the chair and can NEVER be cleaned) with a tall back. Sometimes they come in cheap shiny leather which looks even worse.

And if you don’t want those then you probably have to do down the designer route which can be terribly expensive. It’s no wonder that one of my most common requests is for help with dining chairs. I shall do a round up soon but in the mean time here’s a good one that I found. It’s £195, which is pretty good for a chair, and you can buy it from Rockett st George.

The buckle detail is a “touch” as one of my husband’s colleagues would say. After all, your dining chairs are often seen from the back and few designers think to add a detail there. The leather ensures it will be warm and comfortable and, crucially, this type of leather looks better with age and won’t mind a hot cloth rubbing off the inevitable red wine, gravy, grease stain – all of which will just add to the character and make the chair look like you inherited it from a very cool Great Aunt. Seriously, the stains are going to happen, just get with the anecdote there’s no point fighting it.

Finally, if you don’t fancy the chair, but have a few minutes to spare – 10 to be exact. You can read this little interview with Moi on the site in which I give my top design tips and advice on doing up your own home. And if you’ve got 20 minutes you can read the interview with Amanda Lamb, who name-checked the blog, which was a small thrill I can tell you.

That should keep you busy today. I’ll see you soon. Well I’ll be back tomorrow – will you?

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  1. When you started that first sentence I thought you were referring to the chair with the ‘buckle touch’ and I was thinking, what’s wrong with me? I really like it, am I missing something so I felt, whew! when you were not referring to it. I love your taste in style and textures usually, so it would have felt odd disagreeing with you:-)

  2. I SO wish I could get these in the US. A bit prohibitive with shipping, but LOVE the chairs. And love the faux fur throw idea. Very Norwegian.

  3. I agree with Taste of France – I have always avoided the backless benches at friend’s houses. I just can’t feel comfortable sitting for a couple of hours without leaning back. Unless the bench is against a wall of course.

  4. currently sourcing dining chairs for a client. budget is so tight as majority of it is going in the living room and this is a dining/kids den multi room and it’s so hard as most of the time it’s family dining/homework etc and very small part entertaining.
    I think the sinnerlig bench could work well as it would fit for 95% of what room will be needed for but bit concerned re comfy for more ‘formal’ dining. I could add a few faux furs to glam it up a bit but interested if anyone has bought one (i love them and have wanted one for ages but don’t have) and are they comfy??? Given Ilse’s mindset on design and making it work I’m sure they must be but any first hand info would be much obliged 🙂

  5. Now that’s an idea! We’ve been hunting for a dining table and chairs we like for nearly a year with no success. Will have to run these by my husband!

  6. So with you on the bad design chairs out there! And matching sets (oh please!) This however is a thing of beauty!

  7. The worst seating is a bench. Next worst is a hard wood or straw seat with a tall back that’s at a very sharp angle. Some years ago, I was taken by a set of cushioned, leather dining chairs, with armrests (so nice for lingering over a glass of wine or coffee after eating). The arms were slim, so the diners wouldn’t be too spread out. The chair backs angled comfortably–neither achingly straight nor reclining.
    I saw a movie about the same time set at a Russian dacha, where the family had no living room and instead gathered around the table all the time. I thought that was great.

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