Wooden Kitchen Essentials

wooden kitchen essentials from minam
wooden kitchen essentials from minam

In my head, I exist in a kitchen where every object is a thing of beauty – perhaps I should say design. Where each chopping board brings something to the space in which it resides and even a humble rolling pin makes baking a delight… sound of screeching brakes and abrupt end to dreamy music.

Yes, I know. I don’t. And nor do you. But these pieces from the online shop of US company Lostine make me feel that that’s how it should be. A rolling pin inherited from a Grandmother. A chopping board crafted by a loving father. This is furniture to love and cherish and to pass on down the generations.

butchers block and leather and wooden stool
butchers block and leather and wooden stool

I saw the chopping boards in a magazine a year or so ago and have been obsessed with the idea of leather handles ever since. Needless to say I haven’t managed to acquire one yet. It’s a £72 chopping board. There are music lessons to pay for. Bills to sort out. Shoes I must have.

But this site is a wonderful place to lose yourself for a little while. Enjoy the craftsmanship and the solid style of the pieces with the additions of leather seats, straps and handles that add a tactile, and almost historic, feel to the items.

stool and wood and leather shelves
school stool and wooden shelves with leather additions

Minam is the shop for this US company Lostine, which was founded in 2011 by Robert True Ogden and based in Philadelphia. The collection is largely made there in small shops and production factories or else by talented companies abroad.

According to the blurb: “Lostine searches for simple items that can be elevated to something special by paying attention to the details of a design. It is our goal as a company to be responsible in the production of goods that will provide lasting enjoyment for years to come.”

leather peg and mirror
leather peg and mirror

I seem to return to idea of fabulous kitchen essentials  again and again and if you like the hanging mirror above but feel it’s a tad too expensive (I’m using the word ‘tad’ loosely here) then try this .

The UK stockist is SCP and before you say anything; yes investment pieces, investment prices. Hence why I don’t yet own a £72 chopping board. But one day I will …

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