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Woven Leather Furniture from Alp

10th October 2017

Sometimes a new product comes along that really feels a bit different and, therefore, a bit exciting and these leather lampshades by Alp design are one such item.

Alp Design Leather 305 Light

Alp Design Leather 305 Light

Created by interior designer Annick Petersen the collection was launched at the London Design Fair last month and is all available to buy on her site Alp-Design now. And before we even get into discussing it I’m going to say right up front that I think the prices are amazing. This wall light is £160 and the cushions start at £48.

These cushions are made using hand-printed blocks that Annick bought in Rajasthan on a trip a few years ago. Using the traditional designs in a monochrome way brings a completely modern feel to the print and every cushion is unique as she uses different combinations of blocks each time.

Alp Design end of leather bench and cushions

Alp Design end of leather bench and cushions

There’s also a rather gorgeous woven leather cushion too. The stools, which are all made by hand cost £240 and you can line up three as shown below mix the wide top and wide base so that they all join up.

“I wanted to create a strong architectural shape for the base that would contrast with the softer leather top while the slim black metal legs have mid-century influences,” said Annick. “I love that fact that you can create different shapes depending on the configuration of the stools.”

Alp Design - Leather 104 Stools

Alp Design – Leather 104 Stools

The light is a new addition to the range and you can buy just the copper frame if you prefer. Bear in mind it’s probably a light for ambience rather than sewing as leather isn’t the most transparent of materials. And I say that fully aware that it might be a statement of the bleedin’ obvious but I have come upstuck by things like that before so I’m just, as the 16yo would say, putting it out there.

I’m seriously wondering about leather bedside wall lights thought which would contrast rather beautifully with the silver wallpaper behind the bed, but if that’s not for you do have a look at the rest of the range including some very pretty round leather and wooden mirrors.

alp cushions in leather and print

What do you think? I do love a new discovery don’t you?

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