Do Less Harm

Do Less Harm: The Directory is Launched

Mad About The House's Kate Watson-Smyth launches the Do Less Harm Directory. Aimed to help us find and support companies reduce their impact on the planet. #dolessharm #madaboutthehouse #katewatsonsmyth #
The Do Less Harm Directory is live. And you will notice that it's far from complete. Hopefully it will never be complete until we can add every company making anything to do with the home but in the meantime I wanted to launch it so you could start to see what it looks like. At
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Some of you may remember that last year I went to Portugal with to see the two factories where they source their ceramics. Both family-run firms – one of which had employees who had been there for over 30 years. machinist at a cotton factory for in portugal This year we returned –

Black and White Rug made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

Firstly can I thank you all so much for your positive response to my Do Less Harm campaign. I was glad that so many of you felt the same way and also concerned at the lack of information that is out there. So work on compiling the directory has begun. In the meantime I thought

Do Less Harm; Join My Campaign

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The core promise of the Hippocratic Oath, taken by all doctors, is “First, do no harm” – Primum, non nocere (a Latin translation from the Greek). I have been thinking about this a lot recently amid society’s increasing awareness that the planet is burning; that we have squandered our resources and failed to protect the