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The French designer Le Corbusier famously said that a house was a machine for living. So is yours a clapped out banger or a smooth rolling SUV? Do you start a room and run out of steam without really understanding why it hasn’t come together the way you thought it would? Have you finished a room only to find that no-one really wants to spend any time in it and you can’t put your finger on why it’s not working? Would you like to understand your personal style and learn how to put a scheme together that works for you and everyone you live with?

During the last two years we have really understood the importance our homes have on our mental health and well-being and if yours isn’t giving you the support you need it’s time to make some changes.

I can help 

I am offering a personal consultation tailored to your specific needs and your own house

Book a 60 minute video session with me and together we will work out exactly what you need to make your home tell your story

“I used all your tricks to zone the areas dining/telly/watching/reading and lounging. Breaking down spaces like this is so helpful and I am exceptionally pleased. People who saw the house before we moved in cannot believe what it looks like now. It has literally enhanced our lives,” Allyson

We will look at:

Who uses the room and what is it for?

Making the most of your space and layout.

Paint colours, window dressings and flooring

Lighting and storage ideas

Furniture selection with store and sites to consider

Styling and finishing touches

This will help you to understand your personal style and give you a set of personal principles that will help you to decorate the rest of your house. You won’t have to worry about adapting general general principles to suit the quirks of your own living space. You won’t have to worry if you have understood the rules or wish you had someone to bounce an idea off because I am going to do this with you. shot by mark anthony fox

“Making design choices is bewildering and scary. When we extended and refurbished our home, Kate reassured, inspired and made it fun with clear, creative suggestions we would never have thought of or had the confidence to use, including the genius layout of our bedroom to create a dressing room. She encouraged us to be bold with colour and gave invaluable pointers on every detail – simply too many things to mention” Dawn

Once you have booked a session:

You will receive a short questionnaire to help me understand what you need and give me an understanding of your budget.

I will also ask you to send me either the names of some Instagram accounts you follow, or a Pinterest board, even just a few screenshots of rooms you like, as well as some snaps of the rooms in your home that you need help with.

If you have recently moved, an estate agent’s floor plan is useful or just a quick sketch – it doesn’t have to be accurately measured but it will give me an idea of room shapes and where the doors and windows are.

Once I have all this along with your (brief) design brief, I will put together some ideas and schemes for you.

“Working with Kate meant the design still felt like my own – but better. She quickly understood what I wanted and was able to suggest great colour schemes, furniture and fabrics that complemented each other while taking into consideration items I already had” Susan

Then we will schedule an hour long Zoom call to go through everything. You can make notes, walk me round the space to see which ideas work and where we might make adjustments,

or just chat through ideas which will, I promise, spark your own ideas and teach you to start thinking in the right way.

You will leave our session with a clear understanding of what you like and a roadmap for future projects or just the next room in the house. In short you will be fully equipped to have confidence in your ideas and take your interior design into your own hands. shot by mark anthony fox

“Kate’s design principles have been honed from years’ experience, but there is nothing remotely pretentious or jaded about her approach; the genuine thrill she gets from beautiful design is totally infectious and empowering. Kate gave us clear steers if we were dithering but also the confidence to make choices that would tell our own story” David

Book your session now. I’m really excited to help you create your perfect home.

kws hidden office door by mark anthony fox

Price £550

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