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Bathroom Lighting: 10 Ways to get it right

davey lighting bathroom mini globe wall light anthracite and brass
As part of my ongoing collaboration with Original BTC and Davey Lighting, today I am writing about bathroom lighting. Gone are the days when a few spotlights in a grid on the ceiling would suffice. Now the bathroom has to be both functional and spa-like. According to a recent survey, nine per cent of us

How To Put The Lighting Right (without calling the electrician)

Kate Watson-Smyth discuuses how to put bad lighting right with Helen White, co-founder of Houseof. The green mesh table lamp adds an interesting element and complements the pink metal cabinet. #lighting #tablelamp #madaboutthehouse
One of the things that magazines and blogs and designers talk about all the time is how to get the lighting right in each room. I have done that myself (and I hope it was useful) but it seems to me that a far greater, and perhaps more common, issue is how do you PUT

Monday Inspiration: Mad About The Bathroom

Kate Watson-Smyth takes a look at bathroom design and how to take inspiration and adapt it for your space. A classic background of mostly white but the freestanding bath has been painted in a deep plum colour. And you could change this if you got bored. The black chandelier is the real focal point in this bathroom. #bathroomdesign #freestandingbath #madaboutthehouse
It's a shorter post this week (will anyone notice or mind?) as this weekend has been spent taking the 18yo to his new home at university. I was completely fine about him going until two days before when he texted me and asked me out to lunch. And I had to work. And it really