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Why an armchair is more important than a sofa

2nd July 2020
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mid century modern chairs upholstered in Orla Keily Jade Spot fabric in the library of

At the start of lockdown I wrote about why I think a Persian rug is a must have item in any home, not least because they work in any space and with any style, but also because they don’t show the dirt – the red wine spills and weetabix mush. I also wrote about the…


365 Objects Of Design

10 Best Armchairs

6th October 2016
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pink and brass armchair from westelm

It’s that time of the month again and here is my round up of the 10 best armchairs that I definitely like and think you might too. I have included a mix of high street and handmade, mid-century and modern, pattern and plain. Most of them come in other colours or are made to order,…


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