Florence Broadhurst Archive: New Products

florence broadhurst floor lamp
Dropping in with an update today.... do you remember a couple of months ago I wrote about the Florence Broadhurst archive? She was the Australian designer who was found murdered in her studio with two cups of tea by the body? Her designs had fallen out stock everywhere until a group of women decided the

Objects of Design: Graphic Textiles by Flock

photography by Yeshen Venema
I don't often look at textiles, for reasons which I can't entirely fathom, but every now and then along comes a really interesting collection couple with really great images and I feel it's right to show you. Flock, founded by Jenny Wingfield and Johanna Williams, works with recent graduate designers to create new designs and they each

Mad About . . . Lampshades

Someone once said that pendant lighting is like earrings for the home. When everything is painted and dressed with your furniture and possessions, it's time for the finishing touches. With that in mind, Mad About The House brings you lampshades. Not just for ceilings but for tables and tasklights too.   RACHEL POWELL VENEER SHADES