Mad About … Loft Style

dream loft space image by Philip Karlberg, for Swedish Elle Interiör.
Well here we are again. It's December already and this year I have decided to make it about the best of the Mad House. This is partly because everyone's too busy to read blogs at the moment and partly because I was looking up an old post the other day and I thought: there's a

Mad About … Quiet Spaces

Today, we are mostly Mad About Quiet Spaces. Summer is drawing to a close and it's a good time to just take stock and get ready for the new season. Wouldn't this be a lovely calm place to sit with a cup of coffee and nothing more technologically advanced than a notebook - the sort

Mad About … Exposed Brick Walls

For some months now I have been looking at images of houses with exposed brick walls and dreaming ... I don't live in a loft so natural brick wouldn't work for me but I would love to have white painted bricks in my kitchen. But my kitchen extension is built from breezeblocks, so even if

Mad About … Loft Spaces

Surely we all fantasise about having more space? About converting that loft or digging out that basement? The reality is that most of us will never do this. Or, if we do, the resulting space, while useful, will never quite turn out to be the large, airy space of our dreams. So, for that reason,