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365 Objects Of Design

Wonderful Wallpapers With A Hidden Message

22nd October 2019
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food babies in blossom wallpaper by poodle and blonde

Every now and then you come across something so brilliant that you can’t stop thinking about it and you want to share it, so today I want to tell you about this fabulous wallpaper by Poodle and Blonde that I have been recommending to everyone since I saw it last week. I’m practically stopping people…


Design Classics

10 Things You Need To Know About…. Bauhaus

15th October 2019
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brno chair by ludwig mies van der rohe in 1930 via knoll

Before you start reading this new series, I know that some of you haven’t received the daily email update that a new post has been published. It didn’t go at all on Monday morning and was sent manually at about 9pm. This morning it went to some people and not others. It’s being investigated and…


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