10 Things You Need To Know About: Mid-Century Modern

This is a term that has been used (and abused) so much over the last ten years that I thought it might be good to have a look at true mid-century modern design to help you work out what’s real and what’s just pinched a few straight lines and called it mid-century when there’s nothing

New Book Reviews and Minimalism v Maximalism (podcast notes)

Kate Watson-Smyth and Sophie Robinson review three new interior books, shown here on Kate's side table for the Great Indoors podcast. #podcast #thegreatindoors #madaboutthehouse
I spoke earlier in the week about how to revamp your home without spending any money (see previous post) as part of that new year feeling which is always such a big part of September. Another marker of the start of the season is the release of new interiors books. Sophie Robinson and I discussed