Objects Of Design #86: Garden Mirror


create the illusion of space in your garden

create the illusion of space in your garden

We’re all used to the idea of using mirrors in the house to bounce the light around and make the space feel bigger so why not do the same outside? This Renaissance mirror will create a fabulous Alice in Wonderland effect in your garden. At 120cm tall by 60cm wide it’s a great size and, in case you were wondering (or worrying) it’s made from acrylic making it ten times stronger and 80 per cent lighter than a traditional glass mirror. That does mean it won’t give a perfect reflection however, so if you want to know if your bum looks big in it you’ll have to nip back inside.

If this one isn’t the right style for you, there are plenty more on the site; from gothic shapes to windows.

www.primrose.co.uk £69.95

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