Five of the Best Bedding Sets on the High Street

Continuing our loose series on sort of getting the house ready for Christmas but also taking the opportunity to look at areas that need fixing or remedying I thought we’d take a turn down the high street today and have a look at bedding. There’s lots of really pretty stuff out there and if you have guests coming or fancy something new for yourself then there are some good deals to be had too.

grue percale from la redoute
grue percale from la redoute

First up is this gorgeous set from La Redoute, although the gorgeous black and white wallpaper has something to do with that. If you wanted to work on a pattern clash but were afraid to try then this is a good example. Start with black and white geometric or regular patterns and then throw in some florals and any other colour. Prices start at £14 for a pillowcase and £42 for a duvet cover but there’s a 40 per cent discount at the moment so get in fast if you like it.

zara bedding

Now to Zara, which is obviously a first clothes stop for many of us but they also have a large selection of bedding. This white textured quilt is £119 but would work all year round as you could layer it up with different colours according to the season. There’s a colour here for everyone from blush pink and gold to duck egg blue and pale green. Then there’s masses of white bedding to go with it. Cushion, as ever, optional.

Now we’ll go to H&M for a look at their collection. This is a satin duvet cover for less than £18. It won’t suit everyone but they also have lots of linen, reckoned to be very good, and cotton as well. Again lots of colour and pattern choice. I’m beginning to find The Mad Husband’s insistence on plain white a tad frustrating I don’t mind telling you.

debenhams bedding v&a collection
debenhams bedding v&a collection


Now Debenhams isn’t somewhere I might normally think of for bedding but they also have a huge range and having seen their spring summer collections last week I’m definitely adding them to my little black book. This is Primula from their V&A range and again you can mix and match the patterns as they have done here. This may also end the tyranny of trying to find the right pillowcase to go with the right duvet. You can just chuck it all on and call it styling….

next fairisle bedding

Finally, I don’t do Christmas bedding as such but a little cosy fair isle is a rather lovely seasonal addition don’t you think? This is from Next and you can buy the set for £42 or just parts of it depending on what you fancy. It’s fleecy which will appeal to some and not to others but it’s for Christmas just not for life.



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  1. Do you have any idea where the wallpaper in the la redoute picture is from? I love it. I’m afraid I’m with your husband and prefer white bedding, though I will allow colour in cushions and blankets.

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