A Black Electric Toothbrush

bruzzoni black and white electric toothbrush
bruzzoni black and white electric toothbrush

Now I shouldn’t like it to be said (well not too often anyway) that I am all style over substance but there are times in life and interiors when you would like just a little more style to back up the substance. A feeling that the designer had thought about the form as well as the function. Well Here.We.Are. Will ya take a look at this electric toothbrush by Swedish/Italian start up Bruzzoni Global. And if ever there was an international design match made in heaven it surely had to be this – which they call a Swetalian love story. Design briliant, language less so but moving swiftly on…

The Wall Street electronic toothbrush (another terrible name but ignore that and keep looking at the product) comes in either black with rose gold accents or white with silver. Created, said its designers, not just to do its job but for its aesthetically pleasing design.

bruzzoni minimal electric toothbrush
bruzzoni minimal electric toothbrush

At £120 it’s at the upper end of the scale for electric toothbrushes, although the Phillips Sonicare Diamond is around £150, but you would expect to pay for more the design. In addition to which I have had my Oral B, which I seem to recall was around £100, for more years than I care to remember.

And, having just spent a small fortune revamping the Mad House bathroom, this design-led product is a welcome addition. And I can’t honestly tell the difference between my old one and the Bruzzoni in terms of reach and cleanliness.

black toothbrush with rose gold stand and white with silver
black toothbrush with rose gold stand and white with silver

This has a light to indicate battery levels and, as you might be able to see from the image above, can be charged with a USB port or, in my case, the Apple plug. As we don’t have a shaver point in the bathroom then I’m perfectly happy to leave them in the bedroom to charge where they look rather handsome on my reclaimed table. And since one wire fits everything I can charge my phone, computer and Kindle all in the same place which also makes travelling easier as you just need one plug.

For those of you are are definitely more substance than style (well done!) the Bruzzoni has an oscillating speed of 8,000 rotations per minute and the battery will last for around 40 minutes, which, if you are being good and brushing for the required two minutes a time twice a day means it should go around 10 days between charges.

the bruzzoni toothbrush comes in minimal black or white
the bruzzoni toothbrush comes in minimal black or white

It comes with a spare head and a travel bag and is currently available at Selfridges. The matching toothpaste, shaver and hair straighteners are apparently in the pipeline.

This is my boys’ shower room and not seen that often in public because, wel,l teenage boys and also because it’s incredibly hard to photograph as it’s tiny and black. I still love this stripe of patterned tiles that runs from floor to ceiling and now wish I had continued it across the floor and into the shower. But I didn’t.

A word on black shower tiles – these are fine on the wall but as the shower is a sort of wet room with a drain in the slates I must confess that they very quickly became covered in limescale as the water is so hard in London. Next time round I would keep the black to the walls – as I mentioned in the Househunter post last week – and having a patterned floor, or even a black shower tray, would have solved that problem.

Are you all now going to ask me where the basin is from? I should do a post. Perhaps I will if I can ever manage to photograph this room. In short -as you can just see from the picture the door is right by the basin which means the basin had to be very very narrow. We had a small cloakroom one for a few years but as one of the boys is about to start shaving we needed something larger.

This is acrylic and I was congratulating myself on finding a wide but narrow basin when the builder pointed out that it was meant to sink into a vanity unit and wasn’t for wall-mounting. Well there was a bit of swearing and bodging and basically this was fitted onto two large builder’s brackets (for holding up chimneys) which were then, along with the outside of the basin, painted in Down Pipe to match the walls. Looks good doesn’t it. The tap isn’t a thing of beauty I know but one day I might change it.

So there you have it. Bodging bathrooms and designer toothbrushes all on the same day. I’ll be back tomorrow.

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