Black Velvet Cushions

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God alone knows what I’m doing looking at cushions. I could practically build a house out of the ones I’ve already got, I thought, as I was re-arranging them the other day after the cleaner had been. I know sometimes I hate me too, but we’ve got a sort of silent war going on where she puts all the matching ones together on the sofa ON THEIR CORNERS and then I go in after she has left – too scared to do while she is there obvs – and muddle them all up and stand them straight. Then sometimes I do this before she comes so she can see how I want them and she clearly thinks to herself: “Who is this idiot woman? Can’t be bothered to clean her own house and her cushion-arranging skills are chronic, I better show her how it’s done” and does it her own way again.


And I clearly have far too many cushions because each week she manages to make a different, equally wrong, combination. And then, as I was re-arranging them after Enid Cat had had her way with them the other day (she has a whole different idea of how they should be arranged and clearly thinks they would all be much improved with more loose threads) I found myself wondering, slightly heretically, if I wanted cushions on the sofa at all. If I wouldn’t rather have a more stark, sculptural look?


And then I saw these. From Kelly Hoppen. I know! I thought it was all beige and taupe as well. But it’s not. It’s black and white and graphic and ooh maybe I just need to throw out all my cushions and start again. Apart from my gorgeous Bahia cushion from Bianca Hall. Oh and the pop cushions by Quirk and Rescue obviously. Also at, ahem, £95 a go I might not be quite ready to start over.

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  1. Oooh. Lovely. I’ve been considering black velvet curtains. Now you’ve got me thinking about cushions too. Too matchy, matchy?

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