Brass Wall Clock

couture brass clock from fate london

Sometimes it’s all about the simple things and this brass wall clock is one of those things. Measuring 30cm across its gold frame and plain white face with those elegant black numbers is perfect for any type of interior.


It does its job simply and with no fuss. I sometimes wish I could say the same for myself. You could hang it on the wall but I rather like it propped on a shelf. Indeed I have a clock propped on my own mantelpiece, where it looks great among the various knick knacks and other objets. Sometimes a clock is too small to hold a wall on its own but standing on a shelf it does a great job of being both beautiful and useful.

And all together now: as William Morris said….

It costs £62 from Fate London by the way

Kate Watson-Smyth

The author Kate Watson-Smyth

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  1. Now that’s beautiful. So with the Little Green pic of basalt grey and peach, the peachy cushions you sourced a week or so later and that clock I’m on my way to my dream bedroom. Shame husband has just forbidden any further house related expenditure…..!

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