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Christmas Gift Guide II: The Bathroom

6th December 2017

Part II of the Room by Room Christmas Gift Guide today. As yesterday I have included lots of suggestions and links and these are all things that I love but hopefully the tips here will give you some ideas so that you can tailor the ideas to your own requirements. The point is that individually, and beautifully wrapping, a collection of small things in a gorgeous box or bag is just as exciting as the hard-to-find one big thing. And, I think, easier to put together.

christmas gift guide: the bathroom image by Kate Watson-Smyth

bathroom gifts: clockwise from bottom left: tins of soap from homesense, aesop for men, marble clock from boconcept, ruark radio, make-up by Trinny London, bathroom set by Hema, black and white electric toothbrush from Bruzzoni, candle from The White Company, candle by Tom Dixon at Amara, towels by made, mr black  garment essentials, tissue box by sohohome, men’s soap by neville.

When it come to choosing presents it’s rare to go wrong when it comes to what I’m going to call Bathroom gifts. Whether it’s a gorgeous bottle of treasured perfume or some beautiful soap, giving items like this is not only luxury but also a signal that the recipient deserves some “me-time”. So it’s even more precious when it’s to a partner or someone who is the main child-carer.

too glam to give a damn bathmat

too glam to give a damn bathmat from rockett st george

One year I had hardly earned any money as a freelance and the boys were still tiny – one and three I think. The Mad Husband was working really long hours and was knackered. As was I – juggling tots and typing. So I put together a book of vouchers for him – each one was illustrated with a cartoon and there were 12 promises along the lines of: You can lie in for as long as you want this weekend; I will take the boys to the park and you don’t have to come; I will cook your favourite dinner; you can browse as long as you want in the bookshop and I promise not to stand by the door yawning because I have already made my choice. That sort of thing. He loved it. It cost nothing and he still has it.

bruzzoni black and white electric toothbrush

bruzzoni black and white electric toothbrush – an everyday item but definitely a luxury one

So yes, bathroom gifts are a way of giving someone time. But again like the kitchen gifts of yesterday – try to build them out a little. I’m not a fan of the set that is all boxed up. It doesn’t speak of thoughtfulness to me rather of blind panic, throw money at it, that’ll do, don’t have to think about that any more, ticked off the list. Yes you can give soap but you gotta werk it.

beauty and bathe from house curious

beauty and bathe from house curious

If you are buying a set then I would always suggest taking it apart and wrapping each part separately. That already looks more thoughtful. Then, if there’s money left, think about how you can add to it. If you’ve bought bathing goodies then how about a magazine subscription to go with it?  A candle to light that bath and perhaps a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses to go with it. If you’re buying make-up I shall point you in the direction of the new range from Trinny Woodall of What Not To Wear fame. It’s a clever range of little pots that stack together so you can buy as many as the budget permits. Add a pretty bag to store it all in and that’s a top present right there. It’s on many a wishlist I’ve heard of already. I couldn’t wait – I’ve already bought some.

black and white soao from future and found

black and white soao from future and found add a pretty tray to stand them on

You could add a radio and a subscription to a streaming service – that is currently the 16yo’s present of choice. Even a new set of towels can be a luxurious present – perhaps you can get them monogrammed. Although I have included pictures of lots of lovely things, these aren’t necessarily the suggestions that will be right for you. I’m trying to help you think laterally around a present so that you can find the things that are right for the person you are buying for.

uashmama washable paper bag from futurekept

uashmama washable paper bag from futurekept – fill it with make-up or toiletries

Tomorrow we are going to be looking at stocking fillers as I tell you about a new shop called Hema which has just opened its flagship store. One stop stocking shopping. It’s easy this way. 


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