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Christmas Gift Guide: Room by Room – The Sitting Room

4th December 2018
sitting room at madaboutthehouse.com

sitting room at madaboutthehouse.com

It’s time to dive in and start thinking about Christmas presents that work in this room. As I explained the other day this can be for the person who spends most time in this room or the person who enjoys the activities that may happen in this room. It’s a starting point for you that’s all. And no I don’t think it’s weird to give cushions as presents so I have. And don’t forget that can also work really well for a teenager who is beginning to think of their room as a bedsit and not just a bedroom too.

So I have created this to start you off. One of the nicest presents I received was a magazine subscription but that can be a bit dry to open on the day so why not buy a magazine rack to wrap up and give a clue as to what is coming. There are also lots of offers around at this time of year too so hunt around for the one that suits the recipient best.

If it’s a travel magazine you might want to add a guidebook to somewhere they would like to go. Or some food from that country. I noticed yesterday that Red magazine have an offer at the moment (£9.99 for six months is the cheapest deal) and then you could buy this pretty Lulu Guinness phone charger (yes please to my teenage sons who so aren’t reading this…..) as a nod to them using battery by reading on the go. Or Condé Nast Traveller and a leather passport wallet – this one from Be Golden is made from recycled leather. You can also get Wired magazine for £9 (at the time of writing) and

Another great subscription idea is a book. Reading in Heels have a Christmas box but also offer a subscription which includes a new paperback (so that it’s not too heavy to carry around) with a selection of lifestyle and beauty treats such as chocolate, tea and handcream to go with your book. It costs £10 a month (+p&p) and you can choose from three, six or 12 month deals.

That’s probably a perfect present in itself but, as I said, the other day, you can expand this whole idea to include a cushion, a throw, a scented candle or perhaps a lovely mug, teapot and a tray to put it all on and you have created the means for your person to create the perfect relaxing corner in their sitting room.

And don’t forget you can add as much or as little as you need of this list. So you might just want to give a gorgeous candle holder and a snuffer (see top picture) or a scented one like these from Eka. Or a subscription to a flower service – I use Freddie’s Flowers once a month (they last for ages so you don’t need them weekly) – and a vase to unwrap on the day. I reckon you can deal with the most difficult people in this way and I’m married to one so I have practiced what I preach when it comes to the magazine and related presents route.

Here are the products in the top picture – but again you might prefer to find your own specifics.

1 Gift box from Reading in Heels

2 Cushion from Inside Store

3 Print from Quirk and Rescue

4 Candle clamp from Rockett St George

5 Cushion from Inside Store 

6 Leather (faux)  magazine rack from La Redoute

7 Round tray from House Curious

8 Throw from Design Vintage

9 A dazzle of Zebras matchbox from Polkra

10 Candle snuffer from Aerende

11 Faux Monstera plant from Audenza

12 Pink vases from Lillian Daph

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