Glass Pendant Lights


Now that bulbs have got themselves all sexy again and we don’t have to hide them behind lampshades, the glass pendant light has really come into its own. Even those who find the glare from a naked bulb uncomfortable may be able to deal with these as the glow from an incandescent bulb is so soft and gentle compared with what we have been used to over the last few years.

In addition, if it’s high up on a ceiling then it’s a bit like the sun – no need to look directly at it anyway. I have recently installed an industrial style light fitting with bare bulb in the spareroom and, while, admittedly, it’s not bright enough to thread a needle by, it does give a lovely warm glow that’s perfect for watching telly or chatting over a glass of wine. I know it’s the spareroom so that doesn’t happen in there but you get my point.

So, having totally justified the glass pendant, here are some from Graham and Green. I particularly love the one on the far right. The gold details will slightly obscure the bulb too.

pillar gold stripe clear lamp brass fitting

If you fancy it then get in quick as, I’ve mentioned before, Graham and Green often only carry limited stock numbers.


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