Green Velvet Armchair

Martini chair from Atkin and Thyme

I’ve never been one for green. There is no green in my house at all. Well apart from a pot of basil on the kitchen shelf. But recently I have found it creeping into my wardrobe. Which is a sure sign that I’m becoming more comfortable with it around me. And the next thing I know is that I see this chair and am really quite keen to spend the morning sitting in it.

Imagine it against a dark wall. Like this picture below which was in Monday’s 10 Beautiful Rooms (it’s the home of the photographer Graham Atkins Hughes, who takes the pictures for Abigail Ahern) so I was already subliminally paving the way for green.
image by Graham Atkins Hughes

And then there is this gorgeous green velvet sofa, which keeps popping up on my Pinterest.

green velvet sofa

Which leads me to realise two things; firstly it has to be velvet. You may not agree with me but I’m new to this colour and I’m sticking with luxe for the time being. Secondly, look how it sings with charcoal and brass. Which leads me to the third realisation.

This chaise longue has been comprehensively trashed by Her Imperial Highness Enid Cat. You can’t see in this picture but the underneath is falling off and it needs reupholstering. Suddenly I’m contemplating green velvet.


I’ll keep you posted… The top chair, by the way, is from Atkin and Thyme and costs £395.

And in a update here’s another from who are also keen on going green. How appropriate for election day. This one is called Holly and costs £720.


Kate Watson-Smyth

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  1. I’m definitely a fan of green. I have an armchair in lime green and a two-seater in ochre yellow. It took awhile to get use to mixing two bold colours, but it works well in a space that is quite sparse with white walls.

    Love how the cat lazes over the chaise like the queen of the castle.

  2. Love the olive green tone of the Holly chair. So stylish and very affordable. I have brought from them before and their comfort is second to none. They have 10% off their Holly range at the moment via

  3. I think that chaise will look gorgeous with green velvet. I started my first proper upholstery project at the weekend, an old part-upholstered wood and rattan sofa. Have gone with the new rustoleum chalk paint in Cocoa with green fabric (though not velvet)

  4. Oooh, I have masses of moss green, old velvet (from curtains) and some dark grey walls. On your advice I will try the two together. ‘Loved all the photos, the fab cat and the stencilly looking grey and white paper in the first photo.

  5. I spotted in a Sofa Workshop window at the weekend the most drop dead ‘please sit on me’ green velvet Chesterfield two seater, I feel a green velvet trend. Love your page I read it every morning.

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