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New Collection from Nordic House

25th July 2015
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nordichouse cagelight

geometrlc metal pendant £117 from nordic house

There is literally nothing more annoying than deciding to shop for summer clothes (ie when the summer comes) and finding that the stores are all full of autumn winter. Apparently last weekend was the biggest swimwear buying weekend of the year but good luck trying to find a decent one in the right size. It’s all left over sale dregs and winter boots now.

nordic house stool

industrial style cafe stool in smoked pearl £59

For that reason, I am sometimes reluctant to write about new collections in interiors because it can be frustrating to read about something and find you can’t buy it for three months. The glossy magazines can sometimes be guilty of this – perhaps because of their long lead times – blogs shouldn’t, I think, because the point is that they are much more immediate.

storage baskets

woven baskets £95 for a set of three from nordic house

However, when I was sent these pictures of the new collection coming to Nordic House, I wanted to use them and they are coming online next month – which is only a few days away so I didn’t feel it was too bad. And also, it’s not quite the same as fashion in that your house won’t be ruined if you have to wait a few weeks to buy (or save up for) a new light whereas your holiday might well be if you have to wear a cashmere jumper to the beach.

glass pendant nordic house

clear glass pendant £110 from nordic house

So with that in mind, have a look at these and add them to your imaginary shopping basket. They’ll be here before you know it.

nordic house candlesticks

smoke grey candlesticks from £18 from nordic house

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  • Corinne 25th July 2015 at 8:26 am

    Lovely things – I think some of them will be in my shopping basket before I know it!

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