New Shop Discovery: Att Pynta


Now it may not be very deep or intellectual or, you know, important, but I love discovering new shops and when I find them I need to tell you about them because who knows – one of you may have woken up this morning thinking – if only I had a dark green chair to sit in that would finish off the room to perfection.

Currently this may only be me as we need a new armchair and I would like a green one. But my mother in law would like a high backed one. And I have told the Mad Husband we have enough velvet chairs. So this is a post of EXTREME selflessness as this fabulous green velvet tub chair doesn’t actually tick any of my current requirement boxes.


But it’s a great chair. And it would look great with one of these cushions with the red tassels on it. And the other one could go on the matching pink tub chair below. And that’s your bay window sorted. Well not mine obviously although I have persuaded him that a pale pink velvet chair would be a thing of  beauty and a joy for ever. He was mowing the lawn at the time and may not have entirely heard everything I said but is that my fault?

He did turn round and shout salad though so it is possible he wasn’t quite up to speed with the subject of the conversation.


Anyway, Att Pynta: gorgeous lifestyley shop with lots of affordable Scandinavian furniture and homewares. The chairs are £975, which is a lot of money, but you know chairs are difficult to make and you have to pay for a good one. That teapot and set of mugs though is £28 for the set. And you can say what you like but that millennial pink is going nowhere so accept it and either buy it or move on. These trends stay a lot longer than we think so I don’t think you need to worry about something being over.

I was talking to someone from Heals last week who said that copper is still one of the most searched items. Rockett St George have said the same thing to me. Despite my best efforts to declare it over. In fact I’m almost coming back round to it a second time.

The point of which is – if you like it buy it. Because it isn’t any more complicated than that.


Right I’m off, new shops to discover and a meeting with my publisher…..I have filed the first three chapters of the book and we are meeting to discuss the look of the cover. All will be revealed – sometime next March.

Kate Watson-Smyth

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