Objects of Design #325: Normann Copenhagen Onkel Grey Sofa

normann copenhagen onkel sofa grey
normann copenhagen onkel sofa grey

Now the thing about a domestic detox is that it isn’t just all decluttering and chucking out you know. It’s about taking a long hard look at what you have in your house, casting a cold clinical eye if you will, and deciding what works and what doesn’t.

And, in this house what isn’t working (any more) is the sofa. In fact when Living Etc came to photograph the house a little over a year ago, the styling editor took one look at my ten-year-old velvet sofa and said (with a slight sniff): “How very vintage.”

purple buttonback sofa from normann copenhagen
purple buttonback sofa by Simon Legald for normann copenhagen


Which is why the images feature another, less vintage (rather startlingly) green sofa which was deemed more suitable for the job in hand. To be honest replacing the sofa has been on the list for some time and, had we had any money left over when the builders left, it would have been replaced or recovered long before that magazine, or any other, was allowed anywhere near the front door.

Anyway, moving on. The time has come to detox the dearly beloved sofa. It has served us well. But, after ten years of small children jumping, spilling, making dens and doing all sorts of things that aren’t really just sitting, it needs a face lift. Now, in the interests of recycling we could happily do both those things. It’s very comfortable and I still like the style. But, hey, I look at new products all the time and I weally, weally want a new one. And, in the spirit of justification, what we would we sit on for six weeks while it was being upholstered? Not to mention the fact that the current one is a little large for the space.

onkel sofa by simon legald for normann copenhagen
my new sofa must be elegant yet comfy

Hence, I’m currently fantasy shopping for a new sofa. It must be elegant, yet comfortable enough to lounge on for a Sunday night film. It must not look like everyone else’s sofa. Above all, it must not cost many thousands of pounds.

I shall return to this subject again as buying a new sofa is a big investment for all of us and I intend to investigate thoroughly. I will keep you posted. Literally as it turns out.

onkel sofa in blue
this sofa also comes in navy blue

Anyway, what do you think of this one? It comes in several colours (I shall, of course, have dark grey) and costs either just under or just over £2,000 depending on the shade you choose or the place you buy it from. It’s from Normann Copenhagen but there are stockists all over the UK and US.


Kate Watson-Smyth

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    1. Hi Katie, I am also seriously considering this sofa too … check back if you end up getting it! My house was in the January 2013 issue of LivingEtc. I was looking to see if I could find a link but, erm, I couldn’t! Perhaps you will be better at that than me!

  1. I love this sofa, I have been looking for literally years and I have never found the right one for our front room. The price tag is hefty for me but if it is a piece to be with me for the long haul it would be worth it. thanks for showing the sofa in ‘real life’ too, Kathrin.

  2. Hello Kate,

    I love this Sofa. Actually just been back from a furniture fair and Normann Copenhagen is doing this is a really nice light brown leather (even though I personally am not a big fan of leather couches).

    BTW I own the blue one and you can actually see it in my last post (I usually do not spam other blogs with links but personally I would have wished to see it in real interiors and not only the ad shots so I thought I share, feel free to delete if you don’t way this)


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