365 Objects Of Design, In the kitchen, Volume II

Objects of Design #11: Zinc Containers

11th March 2013
set of three zinc containers

set of three zinc containers

These zinc containers will bring an industrial feel to your kitchen with their slightly distressed metal finish. Use them for garlic and onions or fruit and veg, or even, as will probably be the case in our kitchen, for chucking all those random bits of tat that seem to appear from nowhere in every kitchen and never seem to quite find a proper home. Well now they have. I have a bowl doing a similar job which currently contains; a number of 2p coins, a pair of broken glasses, a tape measure, a clay bookworm, some string, a small pile of receipts and a champagne cork.

The smallest is 18in diameter, the largest 24in.

Dibor £24.95

Last year the kitchen essential was those fabulously useful clips from Ikea dull but essential


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