365 Objects Of Design, In Storage, Volume II

Objects of Design #118: Metal Animal Storage Cupboards

26th June 2013
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metal animal storage boxes

metal animal storage boxes

When I first saw these I assumed they were for children, and I thought they were rather sweet for a bedroom or nursery. There is one shelf inside and the star, the bug and the bone are all magnets allowing you to fix notes to the front.

However, according to the blurb, they are originally intended as storage boxes for pet treats. Which is also a rather good idea, except that I’m guessing while many of you have dogs, far fewer of you are storing titbits for owls and frogs.

And yes, I know I don’ t have to be so literal about it, but a cat and a bird would finish off this threesome rather well I feel. And, on behalf of my friend’s tortoise Earl/Pearl (it’s too early to tell, it’s only three years old) perhaps he/she would also like one with a dandelion magnet on the front.

They’re made by the Original Metal Box Company and sold through Not on the High Street  for £57 so come on, if you want some more versions then let them know below.


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  • Sam 26th June 2013 at 9:29 am

    I’d like the owl but in 3 colourways…

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