365 Objects Of Design, In the kitchen, Volume II

Objects of Design #13: Kinto Teapot

13th March 2013
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the kinto teapot

the kinto teapot

It seems only fair as we had coffee cups yesterday that we address the tea drinkers today. Now I know many of you will be dunking a bag in a mug and that’s all well and good, but if, occasionally, a little green tea is called for or a fancy variety that comes in loose leaves you will need a pot. And this, my friends, is the pot to have. It has a built-in strainer so you don’t need to faff about looking for the strainer that was in the drawer last time you used it but seems to have vanished now and what exactly is that on the roof of the castle the six-year-old has just built out of cardboard and oh … never mind. Anyway, here the built-in mesh lid means that no rascally leaves can escape into your cup. It’s a sort of cafetiere for tea if you like.

95percentshop.co.uk £21.95

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