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Objects Of Design #162: Frajen Bath Towels

9th August 2012
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Image from lasso.com.au

So on one of those regular trips to Ikea recently, you know the ones: “oh we need all sort of things that only Ikea sells but while we there we’re actually going to completely forget what we went for and buy another 100 tea lights and eat too many meatballs and chips”. Yes, one of those. Well, we actually made rather a good discovery: Frajen bath sheets from Ikea. They have a slight waffle design (just in case you get confused when you see so many), they’re really absorbent, have a hanging hook (why don’t all towels have that) and so cheap. We bought one. We should have bought ten. But if we go back again we’ll forget and end up with another 100 tea lights.

www.ikea.com £9.99

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