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Objects Of Design #228: Young and Battaglia Wallpaper

14th October 2012
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no panelling? no problem

As a huge fan of wallpaper, I had to bring you some of the latest designs from Young & Battaglia. This was, unsurprisingly inspired by Georgian wall panelling but, instead of creating a pastiche effect with modern reproduction panels, you can use this for a trompe l’oeil effect.

Regulars readers will know that I have already used this company’s book paper on my son’s bedroom door. We covered almost the entire wall in it and had the door remade so that it was completely flush with the wall. When the door is closed you can’t see it. When it opens it creates a sort of Alice in Wonderland effect as the door appears rather small compared with the wall of books.

look closely and you can just see the light shining through the edge of the door

The books paper also comes in white which is beautiful but rather ghostly. You might prefer this wooden planks wallpaper:

whitewashed wooden planks create a scandi feel

Brendan Young and Vanessa Battaglia are the founding directors of Mineheart and their wallpapers cost £70 a roll. Visit the site to see some of their lighting and home accessories as well as to buy the paper or order a free sample.

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