Objects Of Design #241: Cable Furniture

a new generation of flat pack furniture

Now pay attention (007) because this is clever. If you fancy entertaining but don’t have enough chairs, or if an impromptu drinks turns into plates of pasta and you need extra seating, this is the answer. Not all of us have room for folding chairs and, let’s be honest, they’re not always that comfortable. But Antony Hartley has come up with this really neat idea to bring flatpack furniture into the 21st century.

Above is a stool, but there is also a table and chairs in the range. You choose the colour, the component parts – orange, blue, grey, yellow, white – and the colour of your plastic cable ties. Then, when it arrives in a giant brown envelope, you simply thread the cables through the pre-drilled holes and bingo – an extra chair.

mix and match and take apart and re-assemble your furniture

If you don’t have room for it to be there for ever, you simply cut the cables and put it away again. For about £3, they will send you a huge bag of multi-coloured cables too so you can dismantle and assemble as often as you like. And it will store under the bed, down the back of the sofa or, as the manufacturers suggest, behind the kickboard of your kitchen cabinets.

See, I told you it was clever. And affordable too. I’m thinking of a grey seat, pale grey legs and orange cable ties. What do you fancy? from £85 for the small stool

pick any colour combination you fancy


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