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Objects Of Design #259: Cog Lighting

14th November 2012
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made from recycled Victorian machinery

Fans of industrial chic (yes me too) will love this light. Guy Chevenix-Trench gives new life to bits of old farming machinery by turning them into gorgeous lamps, tables and benches. He works with old silos and feed bins, galvanised water tanks and oil drums, which he treats with acid to give them a pleasing finish before cutting them into shape.

Visit the site to see a range of table lamps created from old instruments, or these ones below made from old cricket balls, a french milk churn and an old can:

some of the unusual lights created by Chevenix-Trench

And, straying off subject for a moment what about this table made from a recycled and galvanised water tank:

the table costs £1,395


www.antiquesbydesign.co.uk  £175

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