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Objects Of Design #267: Grand Paris Light

22nd November 2012
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grand paris glass pendant light

This light is aptly named because you can easily imagine it hanging over a little red and white checked tablecloth in a dark (and formerly smoky) bistro in Paris. The kind I have been to many a time …. But, I digress – this is not the place for those stories – it’s glass enough to let the light shine out but it hides the bulb at the same time.

I nearly bought one for the bedroom but instead we choose the Pimlico wall lights to go either side of the bed and it felt a bit too matchy matchy to have this on the ceiling too.

pimlico wall light

While I’m on the subject of this light, there is also a version that is three lights next to each other, which, for me, doesn’t work. While I like the shape of each pendant, the bar along the top somehow makes it look cheap, which, at £100, it ain’t. If you want a trio of lights, better to buy three and have the electrician install them in a row. It will look much better. Like you thought about the lighting effect you wanted to create rather than just buying a light. Having said that the braided flexes are lovely

trio of Paris pendant lights



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