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Objects Of Design #27: Magnetic Timer

27th March 2012
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Part of the Kitchen Essentials Series

Being an old-fashioned kind of gal, I prefer a mechanical timer rather to a digital one. I like turning the dial and hearing it click round. There’s something reassuring about it. Like knowing that even if you have forgotten about the cake, it hasn’t. This one is magnetic so you can stick it to the fridge or cooker and never accidently hardboil an egg again. Comes in a series of retro colours including this powder blue and orange, red and yellow. The ring is decently loud so you can hear it but just remember that to start it off, you have to turn it all the way round to 60 and then back to the number of minutes you want. Apparently a few people have been caught out by that.

https://www.anthropologie.eu/en/uk/accessories/magnetic-timer/invt/7542415850008/#BVRRWidgetID £10


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